Hosting Services

H7 Solutions provides hosting of web sites, email, media, applications, databases and virtual servers. H7 Solutions servers are co-located in the Tacoma, WA Optic Fusion facility.  This state-of-the-art facility provides highly reliable power and bandwidth.  H7 Servers and network are designed to provide reliability and security to all hosted products.  Multiple backups are taken both onsite and offsite into the Amazon cloud infrastructure.

Many hosting providers over-sell both server computing power and available bandwidth.  They offer very low-priced hosting solutions with the hope to upsell once the customer realizes that this seemingly attractive product doesn't meet their needs. A recent customer was dealing with 3 to 5 minute click response times on his company website before he switched to H7 Solutions.  Another downside is that these large providers often are a big target for security breaches and denial of service attacks.  A recent incident at one of these large providers had millions of websites and email servers go off-line over the period of a week.

H7 solutions operates on a customer first, high quality and high reliability model.  We do not oversell server computing power and bandwidth. Our goal is for you to never have to call us for support. When and if you do, then you will be talking with a real person that will work to provide a quick solution.